New SCM Linvincibile Model S7 Thickness Planer

New SCM Linvincibile Model S7 Thickness Planer

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The advantages of an exclusive choice.
Buying a "L'invincibile" machine means you get a customized solution, thanks to experience, technical research and Italian creativity.

Technical features S 7
Working width mm 630
Worktable dimensions mm 640x1000
Worktable height:
- maximum mm 300
- minimum mm 3,5
Maximum stock removal in a single pass mm 8
Minimum workpiece lenght to be processed mm 260
Cutterblock diameter mm 120
N° 4 knives mm 35x3x640
Cutterblock speed rpm 4500
Electronically adjustable feed speed range m/min 4÷20
Feed motor power kW 1,3
Exhaust hood diameter mm 150.


Options included

Tersa cutterblock

Sectional steel infeed roller

2 rollers in work table


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