New Minimax Model S52ES Thicknesser

New Minimax Model S52ES Thicknesser

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Perfect finish Perfect
finish with 95 mm diameter shaft and 4 knives. For an impeccable finish, the pressure of the drag rollers to the thickness can be adjusted according to the type of wood to be processed. The incoming tow roller has a helical tooth profile that ensures a decisive and constant feed of the piece while the output one in sandblasted steel keeps the post-processing finish perfect.


Stability over time
For greater lasting stability over time, the thickness plate is raised on 4 strong columns protected by dust-proof bellows.


"Xylent" planer shaft with spiral knives
The 3 knives spirals guarantee an exceptional finish. Allows machining of the planer in extreme silence. Improves suction thanks to the production of very small chips. It increases the life of the knives, with the possibility of being able to take advantage of the four sharp sides.

Technical data


Useful working widthmm520

Planer shaft diameter / standard number of knivesmm / n.120/4

Size of standard knivesmm520 x 30 x 3

Removal max. to the planemm5

Thickness floor dimensionsmm520 x 775

Advance speed to the thicknessm / min5/8/12/18

Min. Height ÷ max. working to the thicknessmm3 ÷ 240

Motor power three-phase starting fromkW / Hz7 (9) / 50 (60)

Price includes Tersa Cutter Block 

Thicknessing table with two idle rollers 

Product Description

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