New SCM Model Ti120e-LL Class Tilting Spindle Moulder

New SCM Model Ti120e-LL Class Tilting Spindle Moulder

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The best answer to all needs. Investment in performance.


Precision and reliability thanks to the motorized lifting and tilting of the toupie shaft, with electronic digital displays on the machine front, which guarantee time saving in machine setting, safety and ease of use.

Toupie guide with mechanical programming : maximum speed and simplicity in the set up. No more test passes thanks to digital readers that ensure accuracy to the tenth of a millimeter in the positioning of the 2 floors.

Accessing the toupie shaft in order to perform different machining operations is a breeze with the optional "Flex" system for the rapid exclusion of the guidance from the working plane .

Technical data

Class Ti120e

Useful length of the toupie shaft diam. 30-35 (40-50)mm140 (180)

Spindle shaft rotation speed (at 50 Hz)r / min3000/4500/6000/7000/10000

Max diameter of the tool to profilemm250

Max diameter of the tool falling under the 90 ° planemm300

Maximum diameter of the tenoning toolmm300

Three-phase motor power starting fromkW / Hz5 (6) / 50 (60)

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