New SCM DMC SD30 110 Twin Belt Roller & Combined Roller/Pad Sander

New SCM DMC SD30 110 Twin Belt Roller & Combined Roller/Pad Sander

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Ideal for the craftsmen and the small woodworking companies. Solid wood calibrating and sanding and veneered panel sanding operations (also with honey-comb support), and also for any other sanding requirements.
The availability of the electronic secitonal pad on the model with 1.100 mm working width also provides the sanding operations also on honey-comb veneered panels.


Pneumatic cylinders for the positioning of the units together with the electronic positioningfor the workingthickness ensure an  easy and very fast workchangeover.
The exclusive digital ammeter, available as standard feature, gives the operator a very easy and immediate readout of the absorbedmain motor power.
Superior finishing of the machine work pieces with pads having wider contact surface.
Sectional pad with extractable screwed graphite cloth for easy and fast change over


1st Group 'R' Steel Roller
2nd Group 'CS' Roller / Pad

Working Width            1100mm
Min working thickness 4mm
Max working thickness 170mm
Sanding belt width       1115mm
Sanding belt length      1900mm
Main Motor Power         25Hp
Feed belt speed            4,5/9 m/min

'B' Version for RCS 110
With on/off group selectors
'Mesar' Elastic sectional pad
'Logic 50K' electronic programmer
Electronic positioning for worktable

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