New Mafell SKS130 Door Lock Mortiser

New Mafell SKS130 Door Lock Mortiser



Mafell SKS130 door lock mortiser (16mm) (240v)
(915 501)
Available in 110v. Please telephone for details

The SKS 130 – the world’s first portable special machine for mortising door locks. The security needs of many house and apartment owners have increased considerably, so that more and more security locks are being fitted. At 1600 watts (2.1 hp), the SKS 130 cuts door locks of all sizes – completely tear-free! The SKS 130 is clamped onto a large surface of the door. Due to the Pertinax/rubber surface of the clamping device, the door surface remains protected, whether mounted on site or in the workshop.

• Clean, quick, tear-free cuts
• For use on the construction site
• Two clear guide systems – for doors with and without upstand.
• Two special mortising chains in opposite directions – for tear-free work and optimum chip flow.
• Handy, ergonomic, compact construction – for on-site work on mounted doors.

Mafell SKS130 door lock mortiser (16mm) (240v)
(915 501)


Technical data 

Mortising depth 145mm / 130mm
Mortising width 14,16,18mm
Mortising length 78mm
Stroke/working travel 175mm
Nominal no-load speed 5770 rpm
Normal load speed 4370 rpm
Cutting speed 8.6m p/sec
Universal motor 230v 50/60hz
Nominal input 1600w 2.1hp
Nominal output 850w 1.3hp
Weight1 10kg

Supplied with:
• 2 chain bars cpl. 
Ref. No. 091000
• 2 mortising chains
Ref. No. 091001
• 2 sprockets
Ref. No. 091002
• 1 Allen key WAF 5
Ref. No. 093278
• 4 m (13.1 ft) mains cable with plug
Ref. No. 087323
• 1 carrying case

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