New Minimax Model FS30G Planer Thicknesser

New Minimax Model FS30G Planer Thicknesser

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Complete equipment
The planer unit consists of a 2-blade re-sharpening shaft (optionally the "Tersa" system with 3 quick-clamping knives). The Genius machines are supplied with anodised aluminum extruded saw and planer guides with support and quick locking for quick positioning.


Practical and ergonomic
To keep the overall dimensions and facilitate the workmanship, the system for opening the flush surface is towards the inside of the machine. Thanks to an efficient towing system, it is possible to increase thickness up to 200 mm in height.


"Xylent" planer shaft with spiral knives
The 3 knives spirals guarantee an exceptional finish. Allows machining of the planer in extreme silence. Improves suction thanks to the production of very small chips. It increases the life of the knives, with the possibility of being able to take advantage of the four sharp sides.

Technical data


Useful working widthmm300

Planer shaft diameter / standard number of knivesmm / no.62/2

Size of standard knivesmm300 x 25 x 3

Removal max. to the planemm3

Total length of flush topsmm1200

Thickness floor dimensionsmm300 x 450

Advance speed to the thicknessm / min6

Min. Height ÷ max. working to the thicknessmm3 ÷ 200

Motor power three-phase starting fromkW / Hz1.8 (2.2) / 50 (60)

Price included Tersa Cutter Block 

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