New SCM Nova Si40 Programmable Sliding Table Panel Saw

New SCM Nova Si40 Programmable Sliding Table Panel Saw




Unique worldwide
Unique in the world in its category, with a cutting height of 118 mm. The cast iron saw unit with a rigid closed loop structure can accommodate a blade of 400 mm diameter with the scoring blade mounted, ensuring perfect and easy cutting of veneer panels and thick solid wood material. The saw blade uses 100% of the motor power, thanks to the scoring blade with an independent motor as standard. The rotation fulcrums of the saw unit have a 120 mm diameter and stand on steady crescent shaped rests that separate it from the base: a rigid reliable solution.


Unrivalled cutting finishing
Optimal support also to larger pieces, with the sliding table 360 mm wide. Exceptional precision and smoothness: to secure the guides it is not used glue, since the thickness could affect sliding. They are secured with a procedure of aluminum riveting.


High-tech devices
Wide range of high-tech devices to make your Nova Si40 even more powerful and personalized, like the start/stop pushbuttons for the main blade and scoring blade integrated in the sliding carriage; very useful when machining large dimensioned work pieces that prevent an easy and safe access to the main machine control panel.

Technical data


Max. sawblade diameter 400mm

Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45° 138/98mm

Cutting widh on parallel fence 1270mm

Squaring stroke 3200mm

Three-phase motor 7.5hp

Ready 3 Electronic control.

Powered and programmable rip fence 1270mm

Powered and programmed movement of blade rise, fall and tilting

2 x LCD read outs for stops position on crosscut fence

Start/Stop buttons integrated in sliding carriage

Angular cutting attachment

Overhead saw guard

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