New SCM Minimax Model ME40T Edgebander with Pre Milling

New SCM Minimax Model ME40T Edgebander with Pre Milling



Automatic edge bander with glue pot to edge band, with great flexibility, with melamine edges, PVC and ABS up to 3 mm and wooden strips up to 5 mm.



High productivity.
9 m/min panel feed speed with track movement for an increased productivity. Monitoring of the panel position by encoder for a total work cycle control.


Perfect edge joint line.
Premilling unt. Panel edge surface without any imperfections before the gluing operation. Utilizes 2 tools with opposing rotation and timed intervention that, through the removal operation, corrects any panel imperfections caused by the saw cutting process and panel storage. The independent exhaust system and the air blowing device removes dust and chips from the panel.
- Widia cutters available as standard feature
- Adjustable stock removal by register, with the numerical readout of the infeed fence.


Simple and intuitive.
Control System. Error-free machining is ensured by the control panel positioned on the front of the machine, that allows an easy selection of all the main functions, among them, the operating units switching on and off. The PLC guides the operator during maintenance, cleaning, diagnostic operations, etc.


Ideal edge application.
Gluing Unit. The glue is heated rapidly and evenly by the resistances. The automatic lowering of the glue temperature after a temporary halt in production when using the machine avoids burning of the glue. A new innovative system of self-lubrication of the glue pot, allows a more extensive use of the edge banding machine without the necessity of lubrication. Two rollers press the edge banding evenly and efficiently on to the panel edge. The glue spreading roller with electrical resistance inside provides a uniform glue spread and always at the maximum working temperature even on panels at the maximum working height. The rapid unlocking of the glue pot and PU glue pot is available as optional device.

Technical data

Worktable dimensionsmm3465 x 710

Worktable heightmm875

Thickness of rolled edgesmm0,4 ÷ 3

Thickness of edges in stripsmm5

Min. ÷ max. panel heightmm8 ÷ 50

Min. panel length/width with rolled edgesmm190 / 110

Feed speedm/min9

Feed motor powerkW0,55

Pneumatic operating pressurebar6,5

Operating temperature°C20 ÷ 190

glue pot unit  

Motor powerkW0,18

Glue capacitykg~ 0,8

premilling unit  

Motor powerkW2,2

Blade rotation speedrpm9.000

No. 2 diamond cutters Ø 80 mm H=56 Z2

Stock removal fino 3 mm

end cutting unit  

Motor powerkW0,19

Blade Ø 125 mm Z20

Blade rotation speedrpm12.000

trimming unit  

Upper/lower motor powerkW2 x 0,35

Widia cutters Ø 55,3 mm Z3

Cutters rotation speedrpm12.000

Vertical/horizontal copiers rotating/rotating

Complete with.

Automatic edge feeding device

Panel Edge heating

Kit for rapid glue pot substitution

Radius edge scrapers

Glue scrapers

Anti-adhesive unit infeed fitted before pre-milling unit

Spray-mist device for edge finishing fitted before glue scrapers.

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