New SCM Formula Line Hydraulic Frame Cramp 3m x 2m

New SCM Formula Line Hydraulic Frame Cramp 3m x 2m

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Hydraulic cylinders
The simple and rapid vertical beams positioning system allows a very simple hydraulic cylinders adjustment.

Lower cast iron supports
Even more machine sturdiness with the lower cast iron supports.

Control panel
The hydraulic cylinders pressure is controlled by practical levers and a control panel which is equipped with a valve with reading monometer and a locking cock for the cylinders pressure maintaining. The process is alwaya under control.

Technical data

Working dimensionsmm 3000 x 2000

Stroke of the vertical hydraulic cylinders mm150

Thrust of each vertical hydraulic cylinders kg 1270

Stroke of the horizontal hydraulic cylinders mm 120

Thrust of each horizontal hydraulic cylinders kg 770

Option included.

Counter weights for each vertical cylinder

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