New Minimax CU 410 ES Universal Combined Machine ( Planer, Saw & Spindle Moulder )

New Minimax CU 410 ES Universal Combined Machine ( Planer, Saw & Spindle Moulder )



Unbeatable performances and technology in an universal combined machine, for precise woodworking.
Top of the food chain for 4-in-1 combined machines, the Elite-S is unrivaled. 10.5' sliding table, industrial component groups, longest jointer bed in the industry, the minimax cu 410es is the most advanced combination machine in the market.



Unique worldwide
Unique in the world in its category, with a cutting height of 118 mm. The cast iron saw unit with a rigid closed loop structure can accommodate a blade of 315 and 350 mm diameter with the scoring blade mounted, ensuring perfect and easy cutting of veneer panels and thick solid wood material. The saw blade uses 100% of the motor power, thanks to the scoring blade with an independent motor as standard. The rotation fulcrums of the saw unit have a 120 mm diameter and stand on steady crescent shaped rests that separate it from the base: a rigid reliable solution.


Unsurpassed moulding
Maximum stability and rigidity in all working conditions, thanks to a large spindle moulder column made entirely of cast iron. The 4 standard speed are ideal for any type of machining, from moulding to routing and tenoning, with the possibility to fit tools upto 320 mm of diameter (300 mm no CE). 


Perfect finish
An optimal planing with minimal effort, thanks to the 95 mm diameter cutter block  and 4 knives. For an impeccable finish the pressure of the thicknesser feed rollers can be adjusted according to the type of wood machined. The roller infeed has a helicoidal profile to guarantee firm and constant work piece feed, while the outfeed roller in sandblasted steel maintains the perfect post-processing finishing.


Stability over time
Comfortable and precise planing. The Elite S series adopt ergonomic solutions like the 2200 mm surfacing tables, in ribbed cast iron, with simultaneous opening towards the inside of the machine with a 90° angle. For a maximum long lasting stability the cast iron thicknessing table lifts on 4 spindles with trapezoidal threads dust protected.

Technical data

cu 410 elite s  

Working width (thicknessing planer) mm410

Surfacing tables total length  mm2200

Max. sawblade diameter with scoring blade installed mm350

Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45° mm118/84

Cutting width on parallel fence mm1000

Max. useful spindle length mm125

Max. tool diameter when profilingmm240

Spindle moulder speed (a 50 Hz) rpm3500/6000/8000/10.000

Three-phase motors starting from kW/Hz5 (6) / 50 (60)

Stock specification

Version with stroke 3200mm

Start /Stop pushbuttons integrated in carriage

Additional table on sliding table

Angular cut device with flip over stop

Spindle moulder tilting 90-45 deg

Dia spindle shaft 30mm

Aluminium fence plates

Tenoning table with protection hood

Electrical pre-setting and flip over support for mounting a feeder

3 x 3 phase motors 7kw

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