New SCM Startech CN Drilling Machine

New SCM Startech CN Drilling Machine

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STARTECH CN has been designed for the small-medium woodworking workshops but also for larger companies that produce customised products, with in house prototype development departments.
Thanks to the 7 independent vertical spindles, the spindle and the blade in “X”, the possibility to drill in “Y”, finished furniture elements can be produced without having to adjust the bits with no operator’s intervention for the worktable and machine set-up according to the panel dimensions.

CNC universal boring machine with fixed work table and mobile workpiece.
It is capable to carry out the following operations:
– vertical drilling on the panel surface
– horizontal drilling on all 4 sides
– grooving with integrated disc cutter along “X” axis
Base and working table
structure made of tubular welded steel to create a large support surface, on
which the work tables are fixed. The structure is positioned on 3 self-leveling
feet. Electrical cabinet integrated in the base. Work table made of phenolic
material with MDF sector to allow the through drilling.
Mobile upright:
The gantry structure is made of tubular welded steel which supports the main
operating group.
Operating group
consisting of drilling head with 7 vertical spindles, 3 horizontal spindles and
integrated blade
Movement of workpiece and operating group
A suction cup, directly controlled from the NC, locks the panel to be processed
and positions it in sequence under the operating head to execute the requested
Sliding along "X", "Y" axes on THK guides with transmission on reinforced
toothed belts. Pneumatic sliding along “Z” axis on “ball-bushing” guides with
positioning on adjustable stop from NC.
Group positioning and machine motion is carried out by means of direct current
Control Unit designed for drilling-routing machines installed on PC
– 7" LCD colour display with touch-screen function
– alphanumerical keyboard
– selfdiagnosis and signalling of possible errors or damages in the user's
– programming by NC
– automatic optimisation of drilling cycles
– possibility of panel origin change
– possibility to save and import of drilling programs by means of USB key
– operator interface in the same language of the users manual;
– machining head graphic configuration;
Machine in conformity with the standard safety regulations according to the
countries of machine destination.
LM - EUR STARTECH CN 25/01/2016
It is forbidden to work panels with features that are not included in the indicated
The machine can work only rectangular panels, whose long side has to be
positioned in the “X” direction of the working coordinates.
Working on pieces with particular profiles have to be evaluated during the
contract stipulation.
– horizontal drilling in “X”, up to 16 mm minimum quota in Y
– grooving up to 14 mm minimum quota in "Y"
– vertical drilling depth or through drilling to be carried out with quota higher
than 80 mm in “Y”
– 50 mm maximum horizontal drilling quota with respect to the panel surface
(upper surface), without possibility to exceed the workpiece maximum
thickness with the bit.
– integrated blade unit with:
* Tool attachemnt = 35 mm drill
* blade = 100mm maximum diameter; 5 mm maximum thickness

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